Saturday, June 28, 2008
Hiiiiiii / 3:05 AM

I promise I will update soon.. REAL SOON!

Anyway good luck to Dra for IELTS! You BOLEH!

Have a nice weekend =)

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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Announcement Again! / 1:10 AM

There is someone here back to blogging =)

If you were from the same high school with me, same grade with me, or even same class with me, you will definitely know her!

Please help me to greet Sing Yee!

P/S: Soon, Fiona will be joining the forces to blog, kena tempted konon hahaha!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008
It's time to change / 1:47 AM

My lifestyle has turned upside down since weeks ago and unfortunately I have got used to it. It's time for a change. I'm sick and my body is definitely getting weaker. And guess what! I had gastric just now during exam! Mama was a bit angry saying like "I told you so, never to get yourself hungry and make sure you EAT. bla bla bla..."

Yes mama, I will take care of myself and from today onwards, I will sleep before 2 and wake up before 11. And I will do some exercise everyday. People, it's time to change =)

Somehow I just don't know how long I can keep this, it's 2 already and I'm still blogging!

I saw a bunch of Chinese having BBQ beside the swimming pool just now. Well I assumed that they are Chinese judging by the skin color but I SERIOUSLY DON'T KNOW what languages they were using. Anyway this reminds me of the BBD I had last month!

The first BBQ was organised by SCSC, it's a farewell party to the seniors and our club adviser, Dr Foo. We ended up half of us being thrown into the pool and the place was pretty wet.. After Dr Foo has left lah of course.

Next day I had another round of BBQ at the same place, it's Yvonne's BD. I was being thrown into the pool again right after Yvonne. WHY? KENAPA?!

When is our next BBQ?

By the way, my holidays have officially started =) =) =)

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Thursday, June 19, 2008
Freedom / 8:11 PM

Tomorrow.. I will be having my last paper in this semester!

I can see FREEDOM is waving its hand to me =)

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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Announcement / 4:21 PM

Visit my immature housemate Yvonne's blog! You may click HERE!
Please help to me to encourage her to blog and laugh at her as well!

Anyway I have added the comment setting to my blog.
Feel free to drop by =)

Good luck to everyone who is having exam period!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
Confession / 10:35 PM

I have just woke up from 4 hours of recovering mode due to days of insufficient sleep. Somehow, this investment did not give me a good return. I'm really gonna fail the paper I had this afternoon. Want to bet?

I didn't have enough time to complete the questions. I'm not only slower than a turtle, I'm not as hardworking at tortoise as well. So basically my status ranks lower than turtle and tortoise.

Who am I then?!

Okay you may skip this blog because I don't know what the hell I'm typing.

After the exam, there were people saying "Not enough time lar bla bla bla" At the same time, the nerds were smiling as well. OMG this stressed me banyak banyak. Deep inside my heart I wished I could be a nerd too, then I would exchange my answers with other nerds saying things like "OMG I think I got the wrong answers!" but actually I will have a big D for Distinction on my cert..

To conclude the whole thing..

I think I deserve it, for not giving the best shot, for not managing my time properly.

2 down 2 to go.

I will not disappoint papa and mama again.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Cockroach War / 2:57 AM

Yvonne knocked on my door just now "There is a COCKROACH outside!" WTF, another cockroach flew in..

We searched the entire living room. Yvonne saw it one feet above my head when I gave up and assumed that it has found its bloody way out of the house.

Immediately I took a thick roll of newspaper along with the spray thingy, the war has started.

"AAAAaaaaaa" *sprayyyyyy* "aaaaaaAAAaaaaaa" *sprayyyyyyyyyyyyyy* *thud*

Whether it was pretending to be dead like a coward or fainted like a hero, I put it inside the plastic bag along with another dead cockroach.

Damn. Why didn't they just die with the dinosaurs? I might honor them as dinosaurs.

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Monday, June 9, 2008
我要食粽! / 12:09 AM

I called my popo and greeted her 端午节快乐, she was like "HAHAHAHA what have you eaten?". For Chinese, I think all of us have the culture to gather around and have a nice dinner together during festivals. And guess what did my family have at KK? My favourite ROASTED DUCK.

See what did Yvonne and I have just now..

So 心酸..

We were both lazy to cook but I insisted that I want to eat rice, I want to make it like we are celebrating the festival. Yes, pathetic me.

Then when I told popo I didn't get to eat any dumpling, she said "HARRR why no dumpling? People keep sending us dumpling."


I told her that I don't care don't care don't care I want imported roasted duck and dumpling!

And she said she will prepare dinner and wait for me the first night when I get back.

How adorable is she =)

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Sunday, June 8, 2008
Indah Villa & Sunway Lagoon / 1:21 AM

If you don't know where is Indah Villa Condo, it's just behind Sunway Lagoon. Yeap, the water theme park by Sunway founder, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah. You can actually see the building on 铁甲无敌奖门人 Episode 07, which was held at Sunway. Bloody hell man, SUNWAY, my territory.

You can see that at 7:50 min, I'm staying at the right hand side building.

They went to Sun-U's library as well. At the same time, I was just 2 floors below having lecture..

I still couldn't accept the fact that I didn't even notice them!

I can even stalk on them with this secret weapon from the house owner.

Since I'm staying so near with Lagoon..

Like.. this near..

Basically from Monday - Sunday (except Tuesday), I'm so like listening to live music that I don't have to play my own songs. I can hear people screaming too.

It's understandable if you are shouting for your life when you ride on this which turns 360 degree and stop on mid air..

But why must you guys shout riding on this stupid roller coaster!!

And lately some people were preparing for an event organised by Roxy. When they were testing their sound system with really LOUD music, Lagoon was playing its own music as well! So it was like 2 type of BOOM BOOM BOOM (bass) from the same place!

This morning I couldn't sleep at all..


Can you see the amount of people??

Can you imagine the noise??

TERRIBLE. So terrible that I had headache just now.

Andy has even sms-ed me to find him with the secret weapon in the middle of thousands heads.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008
study study study! / 2:34 AM

Last night during a conversation between 2 slackers..

Me: hey i need to borrow something
Yvonne: what what what
Me: borrow your motivation (to study)
Yvonne: My motivation is to watch drama
Yvonne: Go go go
Yvonne: ush
Me: ....

Meanwhile Princess Fiona is like hiding herself inside her room..

This is the difference between SLACKER & NERDY.

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Friday, June 6, 2008
Petrol again. / 1:20 AM

The difference between a Double Cheese Burger and Mega Mac.

From my previous post, I shared the same opinion with the President of Sabah and Labuan Consumer Association(CASH), Datuk Patrick Sindu. Apparently this Datuk wants to set a good example to take bus to and from work. Before this, you should really improve our buses at Sabah, and make sure that the buses stop everywhere. And Datuk, you don't really need to do this, election is gone, and your Kancil is a save-fuel-type.

Popo I miss your fresh vege.

Datuk hopes that Sabahan would cultivate their own food crops to SAVE since Sabah has a big land. See? We shared the same opinion. Lets go back to Stone Age then. Don't get me wrong, I never said that I'm happy that I think the same way with Datuk.

Anyway, Sabahan Chinese have difficulties in getting land, the Bumi are being pampered all the time. Chinese you just have to work harder, no choice baby.

Lets celebrate before the inflation zooms up to 5%. Malaysia kau memang boleh.

Happy study week to students! =(

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Thursday, June 5, 2008
I am poor. How about you? / 3:03 AM

omg omg omg.

final is next week but I'm still so lacked of motivation. People says: study hard, study smart. But I'm neither hardworking nor smart.

Anyway, lets start a topic that people are complaining recently.

Malaysian petrol price has jumped up for 40% as controls are removed under a revamped subsidy system. Petrol is now RM2.70 from RM1.92 and Diesel is RM2.50 from RM1.50. Be aware, this is only the beginning. When the controls are completely removed on August, we are in big big trouble with a higher price of RM3-4.

What is with the PETROL PRICE NOT GOING UP THIS YEAR? We have (had) the cheapest price among other Asian countries, this is what the government keeps telling us. Inflation is up to 3% on April, and CPI (Consumer Price Index) will be up to 5% this year. Since the petrol price is going up, it's so obvious that almost every necessity in our daily life will be more expensive as well. You can't even manage to control a cup of Milo Ais in the country to the same price, how are you going to stop the business people to rise up their prices when burdens come? Don't compare with the other countries, we have different system at here. And yeah, we have different government as well. Crocodile hunter please come over Malaysia we have a lot of crocodiles in the Par-you-know-what-ment.

The burden we Malaysians are having will be heavier, yet the income are still the same. I have started to have sympathy to those who have lower income, how are they going to survive? Maybe we should be buying Perodua instead of imported cars, with lesser consumed fuel and cheaper tax. Perodua will be definitely having a higher sales. Oh yah, having a dozen of children will not be a wise decision. You know, some people like to have a lot of kids and ended up crying for insufficient money. And maybe we should stop our streamyx and astro, saving up a lot. Less shopping, less eating good food, less spending..

I think we will be better to live in cage and plant vegetables ourselves. I would like to see how barter trade is being popular in these days.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008
My New Babe! / 7:37 AM

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to my new babe =)

If you miss my previous blog (which I don't really miss it since Xanga doesn't let me adding skin unless I pay!), please click HERE.

However when I have started to use blogspot, I found out that I can't use any other skins with the new blogspot version eh?

I'm still confusing with this new babe. Do give me some time to get used to it.

Lets say BYE to Xanga!


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