Thursday, September 18, 2008
The Preview / 3:42 AM


Mid Autumn Festival Reunion @ Indah Villa


VU Night @ Sunway Resort


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Thursday, September 11, 2008
索唔係大哂架! / 2:37 AM


林峯 - 愛不疚

林峯 - 爱在回忆中找你

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Sunday, September 7, 2008
Emerge / 5:57 PM

Note: This is yesterday's post.

Today is the last day of my mid-sem break. Weird, I don't feel like doing anything at all. I would rather staying at home, sleeping all the time. And yes, I slept a lot today that I actually have headache now... *sigh* Perhaps I have been going out too much in this break, Emerge the youth conference, and CSR the undergraduate business student conference, took away almost everyday of my sweet break. And one more thing, the stupid life has broken down for A WEEK that I have to climb up 8 floors few times a day! *pant*

1st update: the Emerge

It's a 3 days super youth conference by City Harvest Church KL. I believe picture speaks louder.

My favourite Man Hunt, Ryan.

My favourite Beauty Pageant, Joan.

Jonathan and Kent are crazy about her "Joan Tan!! WOW!!!" *clap clap clap* "I LOVE you!!!" yadda yadda..

Tada! Vector is one of the Man Hunt!

Another STTSS appeared.....! Anthony.

Er this is you-know-who.. (obviously don't really admire her) *AHEM* Amber Chia..


I don't admire him but this guy can pray really well and touch your heart.

His wife looks amazingly beautiful with tears on her cheek.

The 3 persons that I admire the most in this conference.
Rev. Kong(Left), Ps. Kevin(right) and Esther.
There wouldn't be City Harvest SG & MY without them!

You think this post is going to end eh?


Ladies and gentlemen, this is our super model!

Yvonne Liew!

The team members.

Obviously I kalah to her 4 inches of high heels..

Andy is here to catch up with super model as well!

Okay have to stop here uploading the photos really eats up a lot of time.

Next Update: the CSR Conference!

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