Thursday, November 20, 2008
Freedom at last / 5:34 AM


I mean, HURRAY!!!

Okay I'm not that thrilled when I have finished my exam. I'm glad that it's over but damn it I did badly for one of the papers, please God show me the miracles.

Oh, did i tell everyone that I had 2 papers on my big day? It was torturing me, mentally and physically. At first, I had to take my first paper at the admin office since it clashed with the other exam time. Yeah I know stupid timetable I don't think that other uni/col have such problems. But anyway, it was really weird to take the exam alone inside a room, I mean, I actually had a private room to take the exam. The admin staff has closed the door that I could have cheated on my paper. But nah, it was no use even if I have sneaked my small small notes in it, because the exam questions were DAMN hard that I didn't know how to apply the theories into the case study. I heard that the top students were complaining the questions being too hard that they might take supplementary exam but NEVER ever listen to the top students, they always bullshit saying how hard it is and they still getting credits or above.

Anyway, the 2 hours break until the 2nd paper was really torturing me. I can hardly cram in more things into my head that I have started to forget things. Do you know how scary is it when you have forgotten almost everything you have studied for the next paper? Like, what's on your mind is all about the previous paper and your mind is rejecting other non-related stuff. I wanted to call my mom so badly but I didn't know if I was allowed to make a call because I was being quarantined at the moment. You know, to stop questions leaking out since I have had it earlier. Maybe I was only 做贼心虚. Well not that I have done anything illegally, it was just a figure of speech. Oh it's just killing me back there.

The 2nd paper was easier than I thought. Phew, luckily I have focused on the right thing.

I slept for 6 hours after that.


I went to meet Dra this afternoon(yesterday morning) at Midvalley. Omg it has been 4 freaking months since I last met her. She is all the way here from Aussieland. Andy, Kelly and Alicia came to join us as well.

Dra(right) and her China coursemate.
Sha, me and Andy
. Kelly left before this.

I ate a lot. Mum would be happy I tell you because I have had shit for the past 2 weeks.

I had McD "Move It" Mc-flurry then some kuih-muih and this shit with overloaded coconut milk.

My favourite sashimi at Zanmai. Someday I'm gonna infected with Helicobacter pylori infection(lectured by future doctor Sha) by how much I crave for raw Salmon.

SS-ing at don't-know-what-pretty-washroom at Garden.

I had an relaxing day. How about you? =)

PS: I'm going to Penang for 3 days 2 nights with my parents. Guess what, I'm going to the 15th Penang International Ballroom Dancing Championship. Omg, I'm so excited.

PPS: I'm not going to participate it okay, I buy ticket to be an audience only.

PPPS: Going to Penang means FOOD CARNIVAL!!!!

PPPPS: I would really love to meet someone at Penang....

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Sunday, November 16, 2008
John King Egg Tarts / 9:42 PM

Finally I can have a try on these.. HURRAY!! *cheers+claps*

I'm not really a tart lover but these things just melt my.... heart? tongue?
Thanks Andrea =) *on behalf of Yvonne and Fiona as well*

I have received the spirit within the tarts to.... study!

Okay wtf I'm giving myself some more excuses.

Anyway it's really nice you have got to try them at

Pavilion (L1)
1 Utama (LG - Blue zone)
anymore places around?

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Friday, November 14, 2008
Laughter / 1:14 PM

Come on tell me it's funny =)

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Sunday, November 9, 2008
Guidance Needed / 3:10 AM

Can someone teach me how to make a private post?

You know.. something is not meant to be discussed/gossiped publicly.

Like for example: the Dino case.


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Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Obama Wins Election / 5:43 PM

Finally, the famous race for the White House has come to an end. Barack Hussein Obama was elected as USA's 44th president on 04/11/2008, sweeping away the last racial barrier in American politics with ease as the country chose him as its first black chief executive.

It's so like Malaysian election, where a big and permanent change has taken place. The people are showing their will to change, through votes.

Well if you insist to point out the difference, Malaysian Chinese, unlike Obama (Black), will not have the chance to own the PM's office.

In Malaysia, The opposition DAP, PKR & PAS have achieved the best performance in Malaysia history against BN. And now, the Democrats in USA has challenged the strongholds of Republican.

The size and makeup of the electorate has been changed because the efforts by Democrats to register and turn out new black, Hispanic and young voters. This shift may have long-lasting ramifications for what the parties do to build enduring coalitions, especially if intensive and technologically-driven voter turnout programs succeed in getting more people to the polls.

Internet, has defintely become a new media in politics.

Obama campaign sought to understand and harness the Internet to organize supporters and to reach voters who no longer rely primarily on information from newspapers and television. The platforms included YouTube, which did not exist in 2004, and the cellphone text message that the campaign was sending out to supporters on Monday to remind them to vote.

Additionally, Obama’s success at using the Internet has built a huge network of contributors that permitted him to raise enough money (which after declining to participate in the public financing system) to expand the map and compete in traditionally Republican states.

Check on this and this.

See how important is Internet?

It has rewritten the rules on how to reach voters, raise money, organize supporters, manage the news media, track public opinion, raise political attacks, with a lot carried by blogs that did not exist four years ago.

Similarly, blogs have raised the attention of Malaysian during the March election as well. Sadly, at here we don't have much freedom in blogging. However, despite the control by government, people are still slowly turning to blog, politicans (the brave one) and entrepreneurs are joining the forces as well. Even Tony Fernandes blogs too! And AirAsia itself blogs too wtf, believe it or not it's a new wave in marketing your products and services.

How good is it if I have this kind of question on my exam paper. *sigh*

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Monday, November 3, 2008
High School Musical 3 / 1:37 AM

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