Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Joyeux Anniversaire / 4:49 AM

Joyeux Anniversaire.

It means Happy Birthday in French.

Happy Birthday to SingYee.

Thanks for the dinner!

And Happy Birthday to Richie.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008
Goodbye KK / 12:46 AM

I'm going back to Sunway in another 12 hours. I'm not looking forward, I'm not excited, so don't ever say WELCOME BACK to me. I will hate you.

Been having a busy holiday lately. Firstly, coursemates from Semenanjung were here. Been to Nexus Karambunai Resort and Salut Seafood Restaurant. After that went to Pulau Manukan with high school friends and there's go my white and fair skin. Then cousins from USA are here since last Tuesday. It's so happy to have them around. Having a lot of fun and naturally eating a lot as well. Been to mom's hometown Tenom, been to 1Borneo for I-DON'T-WANT-TO-COUNT-TIMES, been to Gaya Seafood Restaurant, been to Rasa Ria Resort, been to Gayang Seafood Restaurant. I have my holidays to the fullest, haven't I?

I will put up some photos when I get back to Sunway.

But let me show you my emo photo taken back at Tenom. Lol.

KK I'm sure I will be missing you a lot.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008
KK! / 12:14 AM

I always like this view from the first time I have been there... Where is it? Like I'm going to tell you...

Andy gogo can I visit your place more oftenly? =)

I saw this justnow. OMG it's so cute. I'm going to buy it =)

Will update more next time, superb busy lately, 24 hours a day doesn't enough for me!

Somemore I got sunburn and fever + flu + sorethroat!


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Thursday, July 3, 2008
Weapon No.1 / 11:59 PM

On the first night when I came back, I laid on my bed happily after bath. Although my own bed is a lot smaller than my bed at Sunway, like 3.5 foot single size VS 5 foot queen size or some says 6 foot king size.. Nevermind! Size doesn't matter! I still think that my own bed smells better.

By the way while I was looking around see what extra stuff mom has put as a store room after Shinji's room, I saw this..

Daddy why is this thing inside my room??

It's not that I'm afraid of weapons, I used to pose around with a shotgun from Daddy's friend, and staring at this rifle imagining I'm a super hunter. You know, KIDS.

Somehow my imaginary hasn't stopped yet.

Okay time for bed =)

PS: Stay put for my weapon no.2!

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Home Sweet Home / 2:00 AM

I love KK =)
People might say that KK is outdated but I don't care.
I would rather KK keeps its natural part and stop revolving.

KL is fun.
But a city with buildings and cars sometimes make me frustrated.
It's sad when you need to drive for miles just to feel the white sand.
No wonder Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah built Sunway Lagoon with a fake beach and fake wave.

I'm glad that I can finally feel the sea breeze.

PS: more photos coming soon on my trip to Nexus Karambunai Resort.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Days after EXAM / 4:31 AM

Okay okay, I'm really gonna update something this time! Got PHOTOS somemore bah!

SingYee @ LCCT flirting with Uncle Mcd.

It has been a tiring week, my panda eyes just doesn't stop getting darker after exam. Dra has just left KL hours ago, it's just so nice to have you around. And I have met a new friend! Dra's China housemate from Aussieland came as well.

By the way, keep yourself updated with Dra's blog because you will find something really funny about why and how her trip to KL this time became almost totally pointless. *grin*

Someone SS-ing..


Last Tuesday, the same day they arrived, I had a CPA Network Lunch with Miri Curtin and Metropolitan CPA Student Charter. Too bad I didn't snap any photo of CPA new office at The Garden, it's a super nice office, with the same design with CPA offices in other countries. It's cool to join such an event, I mean.. I used to be a shy and timid person, and now I'm learning slowly to get out of it.

I seldom go to other shopping mall, since Sunway Pyramid has almost like everything after the opening of new wing wtf, so basically I go there at least once a week. But since Dra and Vicki were here, it's time to step out because no point bringing them shopping in the same place. Alicia picked us up to 1Utama the 3rd day they arrived.

Yes, itu Banana Cake.

Kelly brought us to another place for dinner after that, Vicki wanted to try some tasty local food.

The next day Yvonne, Fiona and I went to sing K with coursemates. Believe it or not, it's the first time I actually sang it out loud with a mic. 我豁出去了!! See how shy I used to be?

Got feel konon for switching off the light now I can't take a nice photo.

On Saturday night after church service, we went to SS14 for Bak Kut Teh. Catty joined us that night.

OMG I seriously need a haircut.

BUT unfortunately we had an accident during the way back home..

Catty's car kena bang from the back.

And this fellow suffered seriously bang on a Toyota. It's a really bad day for Catty, help me to comfort her at here okay? Arigato.

Anyway, I'm heading home in not more than 12 hours =)

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